Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1977), 81, (1), 13–15.


ADVISORY (;OUN(;IL MEETING An a.i~ing of some of the problems confronting the library, and a lively discussion about advancing its work, took place at a meeting of the Advisory Council held at Man HOOse on December 11, 1976. Margaret Kentfield outlined in her report some of ithe activ1i,i,tes whlich the Ccmmittee had promoted since the Advisory Council Last met; these have been reported in the Bulildin. She drew attention to the need for indiividrwl trade unionist members of the Uiibrmil'Y, ami' affiliated trade union organlisatlions through their journals to give more puJbliailty to the Library and the activi:tliles directed to trade union interests. She mentioned, in particular, the discussion conference organised mTIuaillly by the Library in TUC Congress HaLl and the fact that the Library WliJi provide tutors for its affiliated organisanoas. The Librarian also stressed that more collections of books are needed to supplement stocks and extend OUi[ range of tieles. She said that on the death of older comrades valuable ooldeeeioas are often thrown away. The Liibrail'Y needs to be' known as arepository for snob collections, especially thiosle of the Brtirtilsh labour movement; she felt t11

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