Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library

The Annual General Meeting

Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1978), 86, (1), 3–6.


The Annoal General Meeting The forty-fifth Annual General Meeting of members was held 011 Saturday, April 15, 1978. Over sixty members attended, amoog them being the Libnaoy's President, Andrew Rothstein. The meeting was L1hali,red by EOWli,n Dare who welcomed delegates from organisations affiliated to the Libraey-s-Nationel Union of Mineworkers (South Wales Area); Brent Trades Council; London Co-operative Society Political Committee; Communist Party of Great Bnitain; Westminster Trades Ccuncil and Southend Tnades Council. Tne activ1i,ty report presented to the meeniog showed Chat the number of members tends to remain unchanged, allthough witJhttlll the tot:1:1 individual membership there is a very marked turnover, partioulalnly of students wlho join the Librery to work on mate:l1;;a:1 tor a specific piece of research and do not renew their membership. However, there is a coneinuing decline in the number of books' borrowed. Some six-hundred new Mleishad been added to stock, duoing tihe year under review, many of them coming directly from publishers as a gift to the Library. Interest in the Libnary had been ,stimulated by talks given to y~!ni()us, ongani:Sla,tiions and the Clerkenwell Exhdlbiti10n wihiioh had attnacted local people. The Libnany had taken a stad1 at. the People's Jubilee at Alexandra Palace in June and at the Maiming Star Internaeional Bazaar in November. Funther useful contacts had been made at tihe Soc,ila,llilst Book Fadr. The 60tlh Anniversary of the October Revolution had been marked by an exhibitaon filmed fOJ" Soviet television. A mainstay of activ~ty the education programme, had proved 'an even bsgger been a week-end school on ment" which had received lin andaround the Lsbraey continued to be Ap1alrt from the lectures and classes whiclJ aetraceion than in previous years, there had "The Histoey of the British Labour Movewidespread support. In presenting his Ftin:anlo~all Report tor the year ended December 31, 1977, the Treasurer, Jack Dywien, drew a,tte'ntion to the' relative decline in revenue from subscriptions wlhioh had h~glhL~glhted t1hedependence of the Ubnalry~s finances on interest from oa,pitJall. He thought ~hat this Was not a good position, and stressed the importance of increasieg . the number of members. Members would soon have the O1plportunitJy to enter ,iri,tJo a covenant witlh the Libraey for the payment 0'£ membership fees wthioh wouLd· 'alllow it to benefit fll10ID certain tax concessions, He was not able to makean early forecast of improving the wages paid to tJheLib['latiialn and Secretary, whose work he praised wanmly; but an improvement in funiding and support would help to. make it possible, 3

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