Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1986), 108, (1), 8


Spain Against Fascism by Nan Green and Lon Elliott; and the new book using some of our material promised by Alien and Unwin, as well as for the exhibitions being prepared elsewhere in this 50th anniversary year. Finally, the Archive is still glad to receive from veterans, their families or others, papers or memorabilia of the Spain Days. If they cannot bear to part with some treasured document, a photocopy is readily accepted. Rest assured, the material is needed: recently researchers have come from Spain, Germany and Australia, joining TV companies, producers of plays, designers of exhibitions and students at every stage from 0 level to Ph.D. The new catalogue will help all such; it will be widely distributed so that the Archive is recognised as an important resource for the history of those sad but stirring times. Tony Atienza ARTHUR STEWART We regret to have to report the death on 14 November 1985, after a short illness, of Arthur A. Stewart, Fellow of the Royal Institute of British Architects since 1949, who in his professional capacity supervised the rehabilitation and extensive modernisation of our Library's building during the whole of the campaign and works from 1964 to 1969. Throughout he devoted most of his time and energies to this cause, going far beyond the bare requirements of his obligations as architect. Born in June 1907, he studied at Belfast University, and thereafter worked successfully as Land Surveyor and Architect. He was a life member of the Architectural Association, and active in promoting progressive causes long before he was called in to help us with our two-centuries-old building. For twenty years he and his wife, a constant helper in his work, had regularly visited Corsica for holidays, and they settled there definitely in 1980, in a house which they themselves had been building in stages since 1977. The Committee expresses its deepest sympathy to Mrs Irene Stewart and the other members of her family. A.R. REPAIR OF BOOKS The Library is constantly receiving books of value but which cannot be placed in the Library because they are in need of repair. Any member who are skilled in this art would be very welcome: Please contact: Max Egelnick at the Library. 8

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