Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library


Bulletin of the Marx Memorial Library (1984), 105, (1), 8–9.


THE JAMES KLUGMANN COLLECTION Since the formal opening of this collection in October last year, work has continued on the cataloguing and listing of this valuable addition to our Library's holdings. The job of handling books and material of this Chartist/Radical period is fascinating and certainly enlightening in the wide range of subjects and variety of topics, providing a wonderful insight into the pre-Marxist working class and socialist history. As you will see from the brief introduction to the collection written by Ruth & Edmund Frow for the formal opening brochure, it is very rich in rare pamphlets and documents, and will be a vital source of information for the student and historian of this period. There are a number of problems, however, which perhaps our members could help us with - we need to publicise this collection more widely,.and hope it will be used fully when available to our members. This means help from students and historians in highlighting sections of this collection that they are familiar with, and writing about it in journals and periodicals they are connected with. Help and advice is also needed for restoration and repair of some of the badly damaged material, storage of pamphlets, and expert opinions on preservation. Copies of the brochure are still available at the Library, which contains details of the Ceramic collection, an introduction to James Klugmann' s extensive Library by Betty Reid, and some illustrations from some of the books. Price of the commemorative brochure is 75p. Can you help? Or do you know anyone who can?' -MARGARET BRUNEL James Klugmann's collection reflects his wide interest in and knowledge of the radical and labour movements. He started collecting during the second World War, when material was available, and, because of his extensive interests was able to gather together a wide-ranging library of books, pamphlets and associated ephemera, relating to all aspects of the formative period of the working class and the later development of the socialist movements. 8

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