Town Planning Review

Introducing environmental-justice analysis into urban planning practices in the city of Bottrop, Germany

Town Planning Review Ahead of print, 1–24.


An analysis of the provision and accessibility of urban green infrastructure was carried out and combined with the spatial exposure of social-welfare recipients to noise, air pollution and weather extremes in the city of Bottrop, Germany. We found out that social-welfare recipients tend to live in areas where the exposure to multiple environmental burdens is higher compared to other statistical districts in the city. Ultimately, there is a real impact of our conceived indicators, since they were integrated into an obligatory ‘sustainability check’, which was adopted by the city assembly of Bottrop in June 2020.

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Ohlmeyer, Kristina

Schaefer, Mathias

Kirstein, Madeleine

Gruehn, Dietwald

Greiving, Stefan