Modern Believing

Moving Beyond ‘Christian Relations to Other Religions’: A Postcolonial Critique of Interreligious Dialogue

Modern Believing (2021), 62, (4), 358–367.


Interreligious dialogue involving Christianity has many of its roots in European colonialism. In order that interreligious peacebuilding works effectively among communities, it is important to decolonise dialogue. Such a task will involve critiquing the dominant ‘Christian relations to other religions’ approach where Christianity’s points of view are often brought to the centre. It will encourage Christian reflections of ‘other religions’ relations to Christianity’, which can create possibilities to explore how and why other religions build relations with Christianity, and for learning from them. A rereading of the Esau-Jacob story can serve as a model to work for a decolonised dialogue that is more fruitful in the contemporary context.

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Swamy, Muthuraj