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Focusing on representations of disability, Journal of Literary & Cultural Disability Studies publishes a wide variety of textual analyses that are informed by disability theory and, by extension, experiences of disability. 

Instrumental in the interdisciplinarity of literary studies, cultural studies, and disability studies, It is an essential disability studies journal for scholars whose work concentrates on the portrayal of disability.

With an editorial board of 65 internationally renowned scholars, the journal is edited by Professor David Bolt, Director of the Centre for Culture & Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University.  

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Special issue: Advertising and diversity: The framing of disability in promotional spaces 

Guest editors:
Ella Houston and Beth Haller 

In recent years, disabled people are increasingly featured in advertisements. Moreover, disabled people are now included in a larger variety of advertisements, for example, those produced by fashion and beauty companies. On the subject of contemporary advertising portrayals of diverse bodies, Lennard J. Davis (2013:4) highlights ‘... a trend to embrace the diversity of the human body within certain kinds of limits… cherry-picking the aspects of diversity that appeal to a regnant paradigm’. In other words, while the makers of advertisements now may be more likely to feature disabled people in their campaigns, traditional beauty standards and expectations are often not strongly challenged. While it is beneficial that the makers of advertisements include disabled people in their campaigns more frequently, it is problematic that portrayals of disability tend to be limited in the ways diverse bodies, minds and lives are imagined.  

Building on this understanding of the representation of ‘diverse’ bodies in advertising, the overall aim of this special issue is to examine the representation of disability, and themes surrounding diversity, in advertising. In doing so, we welcome contributions that offer critically informed analyses of disability portrayals in advertising that might draw on work from fields such as: disability studies, gender studies, critical race theory, cultural studies, media and communication studies. Proposals for papers that may explore (but are not limited to) the following questions and topics are welcomed: 

  • The representation of disabled people in international advertising campaigns
  • Intersectional analyses of advertising representations of disability
  • Reoccurring narratives surrounding disability in advertisements – are historical narratives and stereotypes surrounding disability challenged and/or reinforced in contemporary advertising?
  • Audience responses to advertising representations of disabled people
  • Disability, celebrity and advertising
  • Cross-analyses of portrayals of disability in multi-media advertising
  • The extent to which ableist ideologies are challenged or reinforced in contemporary advertising Interdisciplinary approaches to discourses surrounding diversity in advertising
  • Contemporary and/or historical analyses of the representation of diversity in advertising
  • Advertising disability and diversity in neoliberal contexts
  • The accessibility of advertisements featuring disabled people
  • Promotional use of disabled people by disability organizations   

27th January 2020: Deadline for submission of 250-word proposal for articles and a short biography to the guest editors Ella Houston and Beth Haller at
10th March 2020: Prospective authors will be notified of proposal status
19th October 2020: Full versions of selected papers to be submitted to guest editors
25th January 2021: Final papers will be selected. Authors will receive decisions and revisions on papers
20th April 2021: Deadline for submitting final, revised papers to guest editors.   

David Bolt, Centre for Culture and Disability Studies, Liverpool Hope University 

Book Reviews Editor
Ann Fox, Davidson College 

Comments Editor
Owen Barden, Liverpool Hope University 

Editorial Support Worker
Heidi Mapley, Liverpool Hope University 

Editorial Advisers
Clare Barker, University of Leeds
Tammy Berberi, University of Minnesota, Morris
James Berger, Yale University
Michael Berube, Pennsylvania State University
Lucy Burke, Manchester Metropolitan University
Fiona Kumari Campbell, University of Dundee
Johnson Cheu, Michigan State University
Ria Cheyne, Liverpool Hope University
Tom Coogan, University of Birmingham
G. Thomas Couser, Hofstra University
Michael Davidson, University of California, San Diego
Lennard J. Davis, University of Illinois, Chicago
Helen Deutsch, University of California, Los Angeles
Jim Ferris, University of Toledo
Anne Finger, Oakland, California
Chris Foss, University of Mary Washington
Ann Fox, Davidson College
Chris Gabbard, University of North Florida
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson, Emory University, Atlanta
Martin Halliwell, University of Leicester
Diane Price Herndl, University of South Florida
Christopher Krentz, University of Virginia
Miriamne Ara Krummel, University of Dayton
Petra Kuppers, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Stephen Kuusisto, Syracuse University
Robert McRuer, George Washington University
Susannah B. Mintz, Skidmore College
David T. Mitchell, George Washington University
Stuart Murray, University of Leeds
James Overboe, Wilfrid Laurier University
Catherine Prendergast, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ato Quayson, University of Toronto
Susan Schweik, University of California, Berkeley
Margrit Shildrick, Linkoping University
Sharon L. Snyder, George Washington University
Tanya Titchkosky, University of Toronto

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