Historical Studies in Industrial Relations

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations

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Historical Studies in Industrial Relations was established in 1996 by the Centre for Industrial Relations, Keele University, to provide an outlet for, and to stimulate an interest in, historical work in the field of industrial relations and the history of industrial relations thought. 

The journal's content broadly covers the employment relationship and economic, social and political factors surrounding it – such as labour markets, union and employer policies and organisation, the law, and gender and ethnicity. Articles with an explicit political dimension, particularly recognising divisions within the working class and within workers’ organisations, will be encouraged, as will historical work on labour law. 

Contributions on countries other than Britain, particularly those with a comparative focus, are welcome, as is work on the nineteenth century and even earlier. 

Historical Studies in Industrial Relations is indexed and abstracted in Scopus. 

Code of Conduct
LUP is committed to maintaining the highest ethical standards. We therefore ask that all contributors and reviewers adhere to the COPE Core Practices. More info can be found on the COPE website.

There are currently no Calls for Papers for Historical Studies in Industrial Relations.

Paul Smith, Keele University 
Dave Lyddon, Keele University 

Editorial Committee:
Steve French, Staffordshire University
Keith Gildart, University of Wolverhampton
Jim Phillips, University of Glasgow
Roger Seifert, University of Wolverhampton
Carole Thornley, Keele University 

Editorial Advisors:
Linda Clarke, University of Westminster
Richard Hyman, LSE
James Jaffe, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater 
Steve Jefferys, London Metropolitan University 
Jean Jenkins, Cardiff University
Roger McKenzie, Unison 
Noel Whiteside, Warwick University
Chris Wrigley, University of Nottingham

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