Developing Academic Practice

Developing Academic Practice

Developing Academic Practice, published in partnership with The Academy at the University of Liverpool, launched in early 2021. 

The Leadership, Organisational, Professional and Academic Development Academy, known as The Academy, promotes and enables organisational excellence through the strategic development of the University’s people and practices.

Developing Academic Practice, an Open Access online publication, aims to celebrate scholarship in all aspects of academic practice in Higher Education, whilst providing an open platform to disseminate innovations in the support of learning and teaching, through an open, creative and collaborative publication. 

Developing Academic Practice will become a cornerstone of the University’s thriving culture of educational excellence and a vehicle to enhance the work of colleagues across the institution. 

Call for papers: Special Issue – Developing Academic Practice journal Lessons learned from teaching through a pandemic. 

We are inviting colleagues to submit papers for a special issue reflecting on experiences of teaching through a pandemic. The past two years have seen us all adapt and change our teaching practices in unprecedented ways. In this special issue, we would like to explore the ways in which teaching has been changed, adapted, or innovated across the institution. Themes invited could include but are not limited to:. 

Possible areas to be addressed include, but are not limited to: 

  • Engaging students in the virtual classroom
  • Inclusive online education
  • Effective use of technology in online teaching
  • Student well-being and online learning
  • Fostering meaningful student interaction in an online space
  • Synchronous and asynchronous teaching online
  • Rethinking feedback and assessment
  • Innovative examples of online learning activities
  • The pedagogy of hybrid learning and teaching
  • Transitioning from face-to-face to online learning and teaching
  • Promoting and supporting digital fluency in online environments. 

Manuscript formats 

As per our guidelines, we accept manuscripts in the form of a research paper, case study or reflection. For more information, please consult our author guidelines which also includes relevant word count and guidelines for each format.

Expression of interest 

Please use our online submissions form to submit an up to 400-word expression of interest, outlining your topic and paper format by 31st January 2022 Once you have submitted your expression of interest, the editorial board will review the submissions and those successful will be invited to progress to submit the full manuscript for peer review. 

Alternatively, if you already have a full manuscript ready to submit, you could use the form for expression of interest to submit your full paper for peer review. 


31 January 2022 – deadline for submission of Expression of Interest 

February 2022 – selected authors invited to submit full manuscript 

30 April 2022 – deadline for submission of full manuscript 

January 2023 – proposed launch of Special Issue at the Pedagogic Research Conference

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any of the special issue editors, Dr Charles Buckley, Dr Eli Saetnan or Dr Tünde Varga-Atkins.

Dr Charles Buckley, University of Liverpool 

Associate Editors:
Professor Luciane Vieira de Mello, University of Liverpool
Professor Susanne Voelkel, University of Liverpool
Dr Tunde Varga-Atkins, University of Liverpool
Dr Gayle Brewer, University of Liverpool
Dr Gita Sedghi, University of Liverpool
Dr David Higgins, University of Liverpool 

Editorial Advisory Board Members:
Dr Alexei Zadorozhny, University of Liverpool
Dr Kerry Hanna, University of Liverpool
Dr Eli Saetnan, University of Liverpool
Dr Meera Sarma, University of Liverpool
Dr Alex Owen, University of Liverpool
Dr Gopalakrishnan Narayanamurthy, University of Liverpool
Dr Pete Bridge, University of Liverpool
Dr J’Annine Jobling, University of Liverpool

The journal invites contributions (research papers, case studies, and reflective articles) in the areas of developing academic practice, developing academic leadership, and innovation in education and offers opportunities for all concerned with Higher Education to make contributions to debate.   

The Editors welcome submission of articles which can take one of the following formats:  

   • Research papers: up to 5000 words excluding references.   
   • Case studies: up to 2000 words, excluding references.   
   • Reflective articles: up to 1000 words, excluding references.      

Research paper 
A research paper describes original research which includes a clear research question, a review of the relevant literature, quantitative and/or qualitative methods, results and discussion, and possible limitations and implications for broader practice. The word limit is a maximum of 5000 words, excluding references.      

Case study  
A case study reports preliminary evaluation of academic practice within a particular learning and teaching, curriculum, institutional or wider educational context. It presents the process and outcomes, includes a review of the relevant literature, quantitative and/or qualitative evaluation methods, and discusses the benefit of the study for a specific area or wider context. A case study may inform future research work. The word limit is a maximum of 2000 words, excluding references.      

Reflective article  
A reflective article provides informed analysis and insights into academic practice and involves constructive criticism of your own practice or that of others, challenging current practice. It may involve for example reflecting on your own professional or academic practice or experience, evaluating a project or experiment, a particular event, or considering literature findings and linking theory with practice/reality. It may also prompt thinking about future practice. The word limit is a maximum of 1000 words, excluding references.   

Download full Contributor Guidelines.

Developing Academic Practice is a fully Open Access journal. 

All articles are published under a CC-BY license

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