LUP in the 1980s and 1990s

'Restructuring and modernising'


In Spring 1980 a University Working Group proposed that the Press be closed on the retirement of John O’Kane in Autumn 1981.

Despite a formal resolution minuted to close the Press it continued to operate more or less by stealth under Acting Secretary Rosalind Campbell, Administrative Assistant Robin Bloxidge and Departmental Secretary Pat Wood.


Branding, The University of Liverpool Library

Following the departure of Rosalind Campbell, Robin Bloxsidge arrived at work to find a note on his desk announcing his appointment as Acting Press Secretary. Robin ran the Press from 1984-2008 and together with Professor David Williams, a biomedical scientist who chaired the Press committee, set about energetically restructuring and modernising the Press.


The first volume in the acclaimed Translated Texts for Historians series, Gregory of Tours: Life of the Fathers translated by Edward James was published. Now on volume 71, this acclaimed series also now boasts sister series Translated Texts for Byzantinists and Translated Texts for Historians Contexts.

Janet Smith (now McDermott) joins the Press on the YTS scheme, 34 years later she is still here managing our UK print sales and distribution, and is second only to the pioneering Miss D Millett in long service to the Press.


Space, The University of Liverpool Library

In 1989 the Press was responsible for 3 journals and 8 series: by 1990-91 this had risen to 4 journals and eleven series, its biggest sellers being the Primary SPACE Research Reports from the Department of Education, Translated Texts for Historians and publications from the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science.


The first volume in the Public Sculpture of Britain series is published, Public Sculpture of Liverpool by Terry Cavanagh, beginning a long-term collaboration with the Public Monuments and Sculptures Association that includes co-ownership of the Sculpture Journal.