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Libraries have the option of subscribing online-only to a cohesive collection of journals published by Liverpool University Press at a significant discount. 

Our journal collection highlights the breadth and scope of journals that complement each other in history, literature, language, culture studies, religious studies and planning. 

The collection is available to institutions and pricing is set by institutional tier. You can find our Tiered Pricing FAQ here.

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£6,756 / US$10,662
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Archives, 2 issues per year

Ars Judaica, 1 issue per year

Bulletin of Hispanic Studies, 10 issues per year

The Byron Journal, 2 issues per year

Catalan Review, 1 issue per year

Comma, 2 issues per year

Eighteenth-Century Ireland ,  1 issue per year

Essays in Romanticism, 2 issues per year

Extrapolation, 3 issues per year

Francosphères (Open Access), 2 issues per year

Hunter Gatherer Research, 4 issues per year

The Indexer, 4 issues per year

Journal of Romance Studies, 2 issues per year

Labour History Review, 3 issues per year

Modern Believing, 4 issues per year

Quaker Studies, Open Access 2 issues per year

Québec Studies, 2 issues per year

Romani Studies, 2 issues per year

Sculpture Journal, 3 issues per year

Studia Hibernica, 1 issue per year

Theory & Struggle, 1 issue per year

Town Planning Review, 6 issues per year