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Volume 4Issue 1

Front Matter

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Published Online:07/08/2023pp.v–vii

List of Figures

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Published Online:17/10/2022pp.ix–ix

Abbreviations of Works by T. S. Eliot

Preface to Volume 4

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  • Frances Dickey
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.1–5

The Waste Land at 100

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Burying the Dead
  • Jahan Ramazani
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.7–23
No Access
Eliot Reading Eliot
  • Jewel Spears Brooker
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.25–41
No Access
“Heart of Light”
  • Aakanksha J. Virkar
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.43–55
No Access
Back, Late, from the Hyacinth Garden
  • Anthony Cuda
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.57–71
No Access
Eliot and the Contemporary
  • Christopher Bush
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.73–90
No Access
The Poetics of Waste
  • Claire Colebrook
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.91–103
No Access
Modernist Re-Makings of Prophetic
  • William Franke
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.105–119
No Access
What Did They Expect?
  • Seamus Perry
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.121–129
No Access
How The Waste Land Was Tamed
  • Haun Saussy
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.131–144
No Access
Snuggling Up to the Abyss
  • Jayme Stayer
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.145–159

Drama and Performance

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The Love of Her Life
  • Sara Fitzgerald
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.161–196
No Access
“I would meet you upon this honestly”
  • John Whittier-Ferguson
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.215–228
No Access
The Cocktail Party and It’s a Wonderful Life
  • Dídac Llorens-Cubedo
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.229–252

Eliot and Europe

No Access
Between Anxiety and Utopia
  • Ruth Alison Clemens
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.253–263
No Access
Eliot’s Anxious Multilingualism
  • Juliette Taylor-Batty
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.293–308


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T. S. Eliot Bibliography 2020
  • Joshua Richards
Published Online:17/10/2022pp.309–315

Notes on Contributors and Editors